What is a Cultural Liaison?

Que es un Enlace Cultural?

Cultural Liaisons serve as a bridge: student-to-student; student-to-school; student-to-school-to-family; and family-to-community. They are able to build long-term relationships with our culturally diverse families resulting in more parent involvement and student success. A cultural liaison can offer students and families support during a time of transition, recommendations on how they can become more engaged in the school community, and so much more.

Un Enlace Cultural sirve como un puente: de estudiante a estudiante, de estudiante a la escuela; de estudiante a la escuela a la familia, y de familia a la comunidad. Ellos son capaces de construir relaciones a largo plazo con nuestras familias diversas que resulta en una mayor participación de los padres y el éxito del estudiante. Un enlace cultural puede ofrecer un apoyo a los estudiantes y a las familias en un momento de transición, las recomendaciones sobre cómo pueden participar y estar más activamente en la comunidad escolar, y mucho más.
  • Bridge communication and cultural understanding; resolve concerns student to student, student to school, and school to family
  • Help families fill out school paperwork: school registration, immunizations, free & reduced lunch, scholarships, Targeted Services, summer school, etc.
  • Act as a resource for staff and provide advocacy for students and families
  • Work to create culturally specific clubs, character building activities, community building activities
  • Serve as an interpreter between parents and school personnel
  • Prepare translations of school communications as requested
  • Conduct home and school visits to explain school policy and instructional goals to families
  • Visit students and help them connect with the school and community
  • Partner with EL and Special Education staff as needed
  • Work with students at all grade levels, providing such services as special instruction, tutoring, college preparation and selection, student mentoring, extracurricular activities, field trips, team-building retreats and summer academic programs.
  • Plus much more!

Contact: Ms. Quiroz