Welcome to Title I/RTI at Jordan Elementary School

Mission of Title I/RTI:
"To provide additional instruction for students
targeted to what they need to know
in order to be successful
on grade-level, high academic standards
in reading and mathematics."

For more information, contact our Title I/ RTI Reading Specialists, Renae Milawski @952-492-4313 or Leah Weber @952-492-4344, and RTI Math Specialists, Lauren Meyer @952-492-2336 or Shannon Aukes @952-492-4326

What is Title I?
  • Title I is a federally funded program under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965.
  • It is a source of funds to assist schools in providing additional instruction for students who need it in the areas of reading and mathematics.
Why do some schools receive Title I funds and others don't?
  • Title I funds are targeted to public schools with the greatest economic need, as determined by comparing their average percent of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch with the district's average. Schools whose average is greater than the district's average qualify for Title I funds.
  • For 2016-17, the district average is 23.63%.
How do students become eligible for Title I services?
  • When it comes to receiving services, it has nothing to do with economic need and everything to do with academic need.
  • The criterion for eligibility is to be performing below grade level expectations in reading and/or mathematics as determined by local and national assessments such as NWEA and DIBELS.
  • Teachers monitor the progress of students and refer students who meet this criterion.
What kind of assistance is given to students receiving Title I services?
  • Students may receive extra help in reading and/or mathematics from a licensed Title I teacher or a highly-qualified paraprofessional assistant.
  • Assistance is usually given in a small group setting so that students are getting instruction targeted to their academic need, guided practice, and immediate feedback.
  • The Title I program also uses specific intervention program(s) in reading and math with staff who are specially trained to deliver the program(s).
*Did you know - teacher quality matters?
Teacher quality is important for your child's achievement. If your child attends a Title I school, you have the right to know if your child's teacher:
  • is certified for the grade level and subject he or she is teaching
  • is teaching under emergency or provisional status (which may mean teaching a subject he or she is not fully qualified to teach)
  • received a degree in certain subjects, and what level of education he or she has
  • is utilizing support paraprofessionals and the qualifications of those paraprofessional
  • is not highly qualified
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